How it Works

Rules and Guidelines

1. The second challenge begins July 24, 2013 and concludes August 8, 2013. We will read the entire book of Mark; one chapter per day.

2. After you sign up (using the form on this site), you will be placed in a team. Your group leader will contact you, and will show you how to join their group on, a team Bible reading web site.

3. Anyone can join; if you have a friends who are interested in participating, let
them know and encourage them to sign up. If you would like to be in the same group as a friend, you can indicate this in your sign-up form, and we will place you in the same group.

4. Groups will be rated on Consistency (the percentage of days when each group member recorded reading at least one chapter).

5. Once the challenge is over, the top 2 groups will win prizes. Only students are eligible to receive prizes.

6. You are welcome to read more chapters than are assigned, but it will not help your group score.

7. Readings are recorded on the day they are posted on the site. What that means is
that for a high Consistency rating, you have to enter your reading every day before midnight.